This is the course website for History 705, the graduate level Introduction to Public History at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, County.

This course provides students with the tools and background they need to arrive at their own definition of  public history and to begin to chart a unique professional path. Students read a selection of recent and classic scholarship and engage in weekly discussions that fall roughly into three types: (1) The history of the field (2) The role and expectations of the public and best practices for communicating in the public sector; (3) the current state of the field.

In addition to classroom work (and in lieu of a more traditional research paper), students participate in a semester-long service learning project. This project requires students to put their skills as researchers, writers, and analysts to work in service of an external partner and enables them to find a balance between theory and practice. This project is essential because it makes classroom discussions more concrete and enables students to bring important and specific questions to our classroom experience.

This site includes student reflections on class readings, drafts of assignments for the service-learning project, and final reflections.


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